A professional live caricature artist FOR LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS


Whether it’s a Lunar New Year celebration for your business or a social gathering for family and friends, I’m here to provide entertainment to your event with my live caricatures. It will certainly make your Lunar New Year celebrations unforgettable for all the right reasons!

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in various celebrations, creating lightning-quick caricatures for each event I attend. With the ability to complete each caricature in under 5 minutes, many of your guests will have the chance for their very own caricature to take home.

While I’m based in Melbourne, I’m also available to travel beyond for your Lunar New Year celebrations. For larger gatherings, I can coordinate additional caricature artists to join me. Remember to secure your booking early to ensure my availability for your special occasion.

I'm an experienced caricature artist - perfect for Lunar new year celebrations

Lunar New Year is an important time for many Asian cultures. It is celebrated by various Asian cultures in Australia – including the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities. It provides a great opportunity to welcome the new and the good, whilst removing the bad and the old along with a time to honour ancestors. By having a skilled live caricature artist at your Lunar New Year celebrations, you will certainly add an unique touch that will be remembered for years to come.

My skilful artistry captures each of your guests’ personalities, effortlessly transforming them into delightful caricatures. A sure fire way to keep the festivities going with people laughing with delight as each caricature is ‘unveiled’.

Lunar New Year celebrations take on various forms, ranging from family reunions to elaborate corporate events, all unified by a shared love for celebrating the Lunar New Year season with cultural richness and heartfelt traditions.

caricature melbourne two friends

PLANNING a lunar new year celebration WITH A LIVE CARICATURE ARTIST

When organising Lunar New Year celebrations add an unique touch by hiring a live caricature artist.

As the Lunar New Year festivities have a limited timeframe, it’s recommended that you book early.

I am more than happy to assist with your planning needs. To ensure a tailored approach, providing details such as the venue size and the number of guests would be helpful.

For larger Lunar New Year gatherings, I can even arrange additional caricature artists to join me. Be sure to book in advance to guarantee my availability for this special occasion.

A professional live caricature artist