Live Traditional Caricatures vs Live Digital Caricatures

Hi Everyone,

Quite a few customers have recently been asking me about the difference between live traditional caricatures and live digital caricatures. Well, allow me to clarify:

Live traditional caricatures are drawn on paper (usually A3 size) using markers and charcoal sticks in black and white only (colour takes too long). They are quicker (4 – 5 mins per person) and presented in a plastic sleeve. A custom template can be pre-printed to add that personal touch. Generally more suited to parties and weddings with a large amount of attendees.

Live digital caricatures are hand drawn on an ipad pro and shared via email or social media and can also be printed on the spot. They are great as a marketing tool for exhibitors at trade shows and fit nicely into a person’s lanyard. Using an apple tv console and HDMI cable I can also project the drawing onto a large viewing screen for people to see. Digital caricatures can also be done in colour and each one takes around 8 mins. Pre-drawn templates and bodies can also be incorporated into each drawn as the technology used offers more flexibility.


I’ll let you decide…