Digital caricatures add a whole lot of colour to your event!

G’day all caricature lovers,

I recently attended a tech conference in Sydney and spent an entire day drawing digital caricatures for a firm that wanted to reach out to new and existing clients. The location was the Swissotel in the heart of the CBD and the objective was to provide live caricature entertainment using my ipad pro, apple pencil and a large tv screen.

People sat down in front of me (with all sorts of colourful beards and hairstyles) for a few minutes to get their digital caricature drawn. Everyone had a great laugh and it was a good opportunity for the tech firm to get their company message across in a fun and interactive way.

The next time you contemplate hiring a live caricature artist for your event, perhaps give a thought to the digital option. The beauty is you can incorporate fancy backgrounds, messages, pre-drawn body situations and of course…..plenty of colour!

Cheers, Phil.