Cartoons and Caricatures with a Splash of Colour

I recently attended a get together organised by the Australian Cartoonists Association which included some guest speakers specialising in live caricatures. The focus of their presentation was to highlight a few tricks and tips when providing caricature entertainment at events and functions, such as adding colour into the mix.

Among many helpful hints, I learnt that adding a bit of colour to a person’s black and white caricature actually enhances it.

Let me explain. Generally cartoonists and caricature artists will stick to black and white drawings when hired for weddings, functions, events etc as it enables more people to receive a caricature, approximately 1 every 4-5 minutes. However, it was brought to my attention that adding a little splash of colour for distinguishing features such as red lipstick, red hair and green eyes among other things reinforces the recognisability of the subject being drawn and does not really take up any extra time.

It kind of makes sense to include a bit of colour where applicable as the ultimate goal is for the people watching over your shoulder, and the person you are drawing to instantly recognise the caricature when it’s all finished.

Have a look at some examples and remember to request a bit of colour the next time you book me.

Cheers, Phil